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An important person (by. Catherine)

1. Who was this person?

King Sejong.


2.    Where was the person born?

He was born in South Korea.


3.    What was the person`s job?

He was the King of Cho sun.


4.    Why is the person important to you? What did he do?

King Sejong is important to me because he created the Korean alphabet-Hangul. Thanks to him, the Korean people didn’t have to write difficult Chinese characters. Now people are still using Hangul. Hangul is so scientific that all people can learn and use it easily. People can express lots of thoughts using it. For example, there are a lot of words for “yellow” such as 노랗다, 샛노랗다, 누렇다 and so on. We can also give detailed information by using Hangul. It was a great invention. I think he was a rare genius.


5.    How do you feel when you think about this person? Why?

When I think about King Sejong, I feel sad. He spent lots of time making Hangul for the people; but today, lots of people are changing words and creating their own form of Hangul. For example, they are making words shorter, or mixing Hangul with other languages. If Sejong saw this, he would be mad! We should love Hangul, and we should use Hangul. Also, we have to be thankful to him for making Hangul. He was so smart and kind. I want to be like him oneday.




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The important person who lived in the past. (by.Ye in)

1. Who was this person?

 Jang Young-sil is an important person who lived in the past.

2. Where was the person born?

 He was born in South Korea.

3. What was the person’s job?

 He was a scientist.

4. Why is the person important to you? What did he or she do?

 He gave chances to the lower social classes to be successful. He was in the lowest class in the past but he was a genius. He had been picked up by the king and became a part of the king’s court. It was an unbelievable thing at that time. He was grateful, so he tried to do better than the others in the court. Finally, he created many unique things and was successful at making Korea’s first water clock. Korean science was developed because of him. I think he is the best scientist because he didn’t give up on his work and dreams because of his social class. He changed the higher classes thinking.

5. How do you feel when you think about this person? Why?

I am very proud of him. He helped to improve our culture and science even though he was a part of the lowest social class. He was very brave and confident in what he did. I want to be like him. I want to be brave and confident in what I am doing. I won’t give up anything because other people’s view. I will keep going strong.

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Four Interpretations

(By. Catherine)

 There was a factory called “CN”. Until today, many people were celebrating February 22nd in honor of the dead. It was 1975.2.22. Slaves were working in the factory. The factory didn’t have any windows or doors, to prevent slaves from escaping. Also there weren’t any radios or TVs. According to the record, it rained heavy on February 22nd. All of the people around the factory moved away. However, the slaves couldn’t. Today, we can find some of the dead slaves in the sea, succeeded in escaping.



(By. Chris)

This picture goes back to the era when Hitler was ruling Germany. One night, the train was moving with a loud sound. Around the train, there are lots of factories which are emitting gases. They are not really factories. They are incinerators, a place where something is burned. These incinerators are special, because they are burning people. Only Jews are burned there. This is a real story. There were many slaves in Auschwitz camp. This is because German people imprisoned Jews. They killed almost all of the elderly. There were so many dead bodies, so the Germans thought they should burn them. They are burning people in the incinerator and dead bodies



(By. Hoon)

Once upon a time, a farmer who has 10 acres of land got too old to grow crops. Other farmers had a lot of land, so they couldn’t help him. This old farmer got an idea He thought to buy farming robots to help him. This old farmer got an idea. He thought to buy farming robots to help him to grow crops, but they didn’t exist. So, he wanted to learn how to manufacture them. He searched for a library and bookstore nearby, but there arent any. He went to the city to the bookstore, and bookstore and he got in a car accident. His 10 acres of land was used by the government. The government established a factory on his land, and manufactured many things instead of, farming robots.



(By. Ye-in)

In the year 2246, four united-continents fought with nuclear energy. Europe and Australia became untied. Then along with Africa, Asia and America were ruined. Finally, the United Europe & Australia lost at first. They had a lot of forces but they were conceited. There were no more resources and little life. The few survivors were afraid of war. They gathered and made a plan to escape from the United Europe & Australia. Survivors were wandering from place to place to seek out iron. They would make a train and they would escape to Asia using an old railroad. They already knew it would take a long time but they had a goal to live. They believed the train would take them to hope.

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   What is love? I think love is very changeable. Organisms feel love in different ways. For example, animal and human love is very different. I will explain this statement with some examples. Love is like a Smart phone, a creeper, and a canvas. It will be your job to analyze them and think of the meaning of love, for yourself. It’s not my job to think for you.

   First, I think love is like a smart phone. All couples normally act similar, which I describe as, ‘basic application’. Such as, a gallery, internet, or a service center. Every couple improves their actions by downloading new applications, improving their relationships like a ‘software update’. They do this by getting to know one another.

   Second, I think love is like a creeper from the game Minecraft. In the game minecraft, there is a monster named, ‘Creeper’. It explodes when a player gets nearby. Love can explodes when a player gets nearby. Love can explode like a bomb, when males and females are close to each other. I don’t know if it’s 100%, but maybe it can happen. They can explode especially when they start to get close to each other.

   Third, I think love is like a canvas. We draw a sketch first, and cover the rough lines with a thicker line. We then color it, and make it sparkle with special effects. Love is making a picture, or a drawing, that has a meaning of only “love”.

   In conclusion, a smart phone, a creeper, and canvas are all separate things, but they can define love. Love is changeable. Love is not a name of a dish, it is not clearly defined. It has many meanings to different people. Someday, each of you will feel it and smell it and taste it. Make your own definitions of your ‘love’.

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LOVE SUCKS (by Chris)

On holidays or other special days, couples walk the streets and tease, single people who are suffering from the thought of love. The meaning of love is not just defined by couples, but also by other people. I think I can define love in three different ways. I think love is defined by families, by other people, and it is kind of an instinct.

My first idea is that love is defined by families. We grow inside a group of people called family. Grandparents and parents give us unlimited love. They give us what we want. People say this is love. The love in a family is the strangest kind of love ever. Also, it’s the most important love.

 My second idea is that love is defined by other people who are not even associated with you! For example, Mother Teresa was not rich and she was not good at studying; but she loved other poor people. She wanted to give everything she had. She had nothing but a one pair of clothes and some strong patience and volunteering power. it means love is defined by our acts.

Lastly, I think love is just an instinct. Boys and girls both contain love. I believe this statement for my own reasons. Even a person who doesn’t know what love is can feel love from another person whom they think is beautiful or handsome. Most people want love and marriage, so I think it’s an instinct.

People say that love is sometimes sweet, but it’s sometimes bitter. I sometimes think this way too. I am too young to know about love. Students in my age are just ‘like somebody’. For me, love is just one step to understand real love.

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LOVE (by Catherine)


Do you know love? Maybe you know love. The dictionary’s definition of love is, to feel great affection.” However, for me, it is different. I will define love with three words: necessary, always, and harmony.

First, love is necessary because everything needs love. For example, there was an experiment with onions. Experimenters said bad words to an onion, and then said nice words to one another onion, the result was- the onion which heard bad words became rotten, but the onion which heard nice words grew well. The situation is similar to what happens in different homes. If you lack love, you will be a bad person. On the other hand, you can grow up well due to your family, if it is filled with love.

Second, love is always on your mind. For instance, Mr. Myung-bak loves the environment, he thinks about it all of the time, He can’t do harm to it, this is proven by his choice to ride a bike instead of driving a motor vehicle. If he didn’t think about the environment at that moment, he may drive a car and damage the environment. Love is on your mind, and you must not forget about love.

Third, love is harmony. People can love each other when they become harmonious. To be harmonious, you must understand your partner. You should not judge what he/she does. You must respect your lover. For example, when you go on a trip, you should follow his/her decision about where to go. In addition you must be thankful to him or her.

As previously stated, love is very important , not only to people, but everything. All living things or non-living things need love. It is good to love somebody and something. Why don’t you say “I love you.” to your surroundings tonight? The world will be a happier place!

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WE NEED LOVE (by Ye-in)



  How many times do we hear the word ‘Love’ in our lives? Ordinary people can hear it at least one time a day. I think love is a necessity. We can find a reason why everything needs love, not only people but also animals, plants and nonliving things. Some cases have been already proven by experiments.

 First, terrible thing happen to people when they don’t have a chance to be loved. According to some researchers, people who have experienced abuse chose to become criminals or kill themselves. I believe they relieved their stress in violent ways because they had their abusive parents and not kind parents. They don’t know how to bear their anger. We need love to be able to live normally in society.

 Second, we can see that a lack of affection can negatively influence animals and plants. In the animal world, there is a punishment if an animal breaks the rules. They get put out of the pack. Why don’t wild animals kill it? I believe, they know it’s more painful and hard, if an animal is let by themselves. It has to hunt alone, and it becomes very tired and starts to die. In regards to plants, most people who have raised some plants know they are very sensitive. Gardeners water them three times a week and move them to get sunlight. These acts are an example of love. If plants can not feel their owner’s love, they start to die.

 Third, it is necessary for nonliving things, especially the water. A scientist conducted an experiment where he observed water crystals when they were exposed to kind words and curse words. Surprisingly, the water crystals showed extreme differences. When the water was exposed to kind words, the water had perfect and beautiful crystals. On the other hand, when the water was exposed to curse words, the crystals started to die. Through these experiments, we can see how love can make a difference in nonliving things.

 In conclusion, love can never be far away from anything. We need it to live. Animals and plants need to be loved and cared for, the same as people. Also, we cannot ignore nonliving things because they have no life. They are influenced by love. Most people feel love is a necessity so they love each other. They sometimes give love and take love, but I think we all need love in all of our lives.